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Total immersion coaching happens during this 7-9 day trip. Hunts may include Elk, deer, bear, lion, boar, antelope, turkey, pheasant, stag and more in CO, WY, AK, NM, SD, TX, New Zealand, and Africa. Hunting is a great way to conquer fear, tap into your masculinity and build a sense of independence.



We begin with a 2-hour introductory call to establish a base line of your needs and issues. Thereafter, a 1 hour call and 2 emails per week, to help you move aggressively towards your goals. There's always a catch. The following month the fee goes up to $6000, and the month after up to $7000, and so on. The faster you take massive action to resolve your issues, the less monetary pain you will experience. This mode of coaching is limited to 8 people at any given time.

$5000/month and up


You join me for a typical day of work in my world. It may consist of riding horses up the mountain in search of cows, branding calves, welding steel, working with heavy machinery, fixing fence, roping practice, etc. Consider it a cleanse of your normal life. We will discuss your problems, find areas that require better focus, and develop strategies to transform your life.



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I'm the happiest person I know.

Autonomy is my number one priority because it allows me to do everything I love to do, when I want to do it, as often as I want to do it. Running cows, roping, coaching, welding, calving, branding, hunting, guiding, ranch management, mechanical work, and more fill my days. Never, have I allowed myself to be steered away from my ultimate dreams. Everything I do prepares me and gets me closer.

Grandpa Norman taught me the value of hard work. His guidance and mentoring taught me the importance of doing what needs to be done, until completion, whether there is a blizzard or it's over 100 degrees. It builds a strong character, a sense of discipline and develops grit. To honor his life, I am lending an observant ear to others to pass along his hard-earned words of wisdom.

While I love to work, and to be productive, balance has been the key to daily enjoyment of my hobbies and my fulfilling, long-time relationship, with my love, Kym.

(970) 445-8206

Trevor Schlegel



Working side by side with a true master of his trade, taught me the importance of continual education and practice to become the best. He's also the toughest son of a b**** I have ever met.


This sponsor has been a foundation of support in helping me along my journey of becoming a professional welder. I’m a huge fan of Ironworks, and feel very fortunate that it has helped me grow and reach even higher and dream even bigger.


The relationship with Vail Stables has been a love/love relationship since 2002. The people I've met over the years have opened my eyes to new ideas, better efficiency, lifelong friendships and huge opportunities (when I was willing to open the door).

Valued Supporters


Tough, but fair coaching.


Life Coaching

“Cut the Bull! out of your life with practical life coaching. I'll help you figure out what you really want in life. We will find what drives you and how to live with courage and integrity which makes all of life's decisions a heck of a lot easier.